With the release of the Mobile Crane #8421 in 2005, I decided to pick up the Technic LEGO hobby which was untouched for many years.

What I like nowadays is the significantly improved LEGO Technic parts and the existence of computer aided design (CAD) programs as MLCad, LDview and Lpub. This makes it possible to create your own building instructions in a professional way.

I always liked the designing and building part of Technic LEGO, especially replica's of existing models. On this website, you will find building instructions of models I designed the last years. I try to design at least one model per year, which is mostly done in the winter season.
My personal 'flagship' remains still the remote controlled Prinoth Leitwolf snow groomer with Power Functions and the 'new' chain treads.

The most recent developed model is a Mining Truck, full remote controlled.


Have fun and enjoy this site, Han

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