Silo Truck (2017)

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December 2017

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December 2017

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December 2017

Finally able to present my 'contribution' to the 40 yr anniversary of LEGOŽ Technic. This time a mobile silo truck with a lot of pneumatics (4x long cylinders and 1 standard cylinder). The silo can be loaded/unloaded by a pneumatic system, driven by a motorized pump (PF M-motor).

The same M-motor drives the tilting of the cabin (2x mini LAs) or the extension of the rear outriggers (2x mini LAs) depending on the switch box selection. Manually functions are driving & steering, as well extending the rear bumper necessary due to the overhaul of the silo.

Both rear wheels do drive a 8 cylinder fake motor; connected to a large fan in the bumper and 2 mini fans (tan gears) behind the cabine grille.

Fun part is that both seats in the cabin can be pushed down to be able to unfold the driver's sleeping bed. To be honest, I never saw a sleeping bed in such a truck, but found it nice to make :-)

Last but not least: the silo bucket can be open/closed (mini LA). It is really fun to have small LEGOŽ 1x1 plates popping around by opening the bucket.

Thanks to Blakbird for creating these magnificent renders, especially the inside of the cabin with the sleeping bed. THANKS!

Building Instructions are scheduled for December. The part list in Excel is already available for those who want to start collecting parts. Enjoy!


Renders by Blakbird:








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