Concrete Truck 42112 - Remote Control modifications (2021)


Building instructions (PDF)
(159 pages)
Example instructions (PDF)
(includes PU Code Programming)
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Remote Controlled: Powered Up

Full remote controlled version of the original LEGOŽ Concrete Mixer Truck (#42112), using the LEGOŽ Powered-Up system. The original fake engine is still inside the model, and remains operational. The remote controlled functions are of course driving, steering and drum rotation speed/direction. The 4th output function of the Technic Powered-Up Hub is used for switching on/off the truck's headlights.

As well, the steering radius is improved and both rear axles are equipped with dual-wheels (or twin-wheels) for a more realistic look!

Fuel tanks are added as replacement for the unnessessary drum rotation crank and switch handle to select drum rotation (by the truck's wheels or manually). Optionally, the truck can be equipped with rear mirrors.

To promote the LEGOŽ Powered-Up system, I decided to share the Building Instructions for free. So, this is your change to become familiar with the LEGOŽ Powered-Up system in an easy way, applied in an original model you might already have.

Have fun!






























Photo-shoot (The Netherlands):
* Weesp (original) and Egmond aan Zee (remote controlled)


Technical inside (cut-away render):
Renders are made within





Powered-Up code-block programming
The building instructions do come with clearly explained 'code-block' programming, so it should not be too difficult to configure your own Smart-device with the installed LEGOŽ Powered-up App.