8052 Container trailer (2011)


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After rebuilding the original LEGO® 8052 set, I discovered that the loading/unloading function works really well and that the set provides a lot of fun.

In real life, a container truck carries mostly a 2nd container on a drawbar trailer. I believed that it should be possible to design a container trailer for the original set, which should be able to load and unload by the truck's lift mechanism.
Because I did not want to change the original truck (just added a tow-bar), the trai
ler is constructed in such a way that the container can move towards the truck (or vice versa) by a 'push-pull' mechanism. In reality this is not the case, but unavoidable by an unmodified original truck.

The truck and containers on the photo are yellow, because I do not own the original set. Of course within the building instructions the original set color scheme (blue, light bluish gray and black) is used.

Parts: 409
Development time: < 10 hrs.