Off-roader 8297 - Remote Control modifications (2022)


Building instructions (PDF)
(114 pages)
Example instructions (PDF)
(includes PU Code Programming)
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Remote Controlled: Powered Up

Full remote controlled version of the original LEGOŽ Off-roader (#8297), using the LEGOŽ Powered-Up system. The model encompasses 4 remote functions: driving, steering, LED headlights and raise/lower the chassis or operate the winch by using the original switch. The original fake engine is still inside the model, and remains operational.

To promote the LEGOŽ Powered-Up system, I decided to share the Building Instructions for free. So, this is your change to become familiar with the LEGOŽ Powered-Up system in an easy way, applied in an original model you might already have.

Have fun!































Photo-shoot (The Netherlands):
* Markelo


Technical inside (cut-away render):
Renders are made within







Powered-Up code-block programming
The building instructions do come with clearly explained 'code-block' programming, so it should not be too difficult to configure your own Smart-device with the installed LEGOŽ Powered-up App.