As many kids, I played a lot with Technic LEGO® - starting with the Farm Tractor #851 - when I was young. And, as many youngsters, I left the LEGO bricks alone as my interest shifted into performing sports (swimming, cycling, running), IT technology education, and having a good time with friends in Clubs and Pubs. After graduating and starting my work-carreer as an IT professional at the #1 Supermarket company in The Netherlands, I slightly developed the thought to restart the Technic LEGO® hobby again; However, it took a couple of years before I turned this into practise; actually till the Mobile Crane set #8421 was launched in 2005. I bought this set to figure out what 'step change' LEGO® had achieved compared to the Farm Tractor #851 launched in 1977.
Well, I was amazed by the significantly improved LEGO® Technic parts; providing the ability to design complex technical functions. And given my IT background, I came across the existence of computer aided design (CAD) programs as MLCad, LDview, Lpub and POV rendering. This makes it possible to create your own building instructions in a professional way.
So, I decided to glue things together: At one hand, designing LEGO® models based on replica's of existing vehicles, with reliable technical functions and a smooth appearance. At the other hand, show-case the models by leveraging Digital technologies: Create Building Instructions, This website, Social Media and Payments integrations. The last one, selling Building Instructions is just to compensate for the effort I made and all is reinvested into LEGO® Bricks for the next model or in LEGO® sets for my kids. The 'design frequency' for a new model is mostly once a year during winter-time, as free time is the biggest constraint.

For years, the Prinoth Leitwolf snow groomer (2007) was my personal 'flag-ship', today this is the Cable-system Container Truck (2018). Once, I will remake the snow groomer with the new LEGO® Powered-Up line; I am impressed what can be achieved with the LEGO® Powered-Up 'App', although it has a very steep code-block programming learning curve if you are not familiar with IT.

Have fun and enjoy this site, Han

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