Salt Spreader & Snow Plow Utilities (2019)


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At Winter times, regular trucks often support the local authorities in cleaning the roads by snow or ice conditions. These trucks are equipped at the front side with a Snow-plow and at the rear side with a Salt-spreader. For the 'Container Truck' model I designed both utilities.

The Snow-plow can be mounted at the front side instead of the 'black bar'. The front-PTO (power-take-off) of the Truck is used to raise or lower the blade. The blade itself can turned to the left or right side manually.

The Salt-spreader is loaded on the Truck the same way as a container, by using the cable-system. When loaded, the rear-PTO of the Truck is used to drive a conveyor chain-belt within the salt-reservoir that moves the 'salt' (1x1 round tiles are the best) towards the spreader-unit. To avoid salt being spread 'all the times', a door at the rear side can be closed to prevent this. The spreader disc itself is belt-driven and driven from the rear-PTO as well. I designed 3 different spreader disc configurations, each with their own 'spreading characteristics'.

At the front side of the salt-reservoir another door is available, only used in occasional jams of the conveyor chain-belt. In the spreader unit, the salt is pre-wetted with water to make sure the salt 'sticks' on the road; otherwise in windy weather conditions the salt might be blown away. As such, water-tanks are installed and both sides of the Salt-spreader.

A beer and mini-figure face act as guardians on top of both rear legs of the Salt-spreader, just as a gimmick.













The technic specifications of the 'Snow Plow' are:
* Raise/lower the blade by using the Truck’s front PTO;
  the PTO is driven by a Power Functions M-motor.
* Manually blade turning to the left or right side.

The dimensions of Snow Plow:
* Length: 12 cm
* Width: 23 cm
* Height: 10,5 cm
* Weight: 0,2 kg

* Total number of parts: 325





The technic specifications of the 'Salt-spreader' are:
* The Salt spreader connects to the Truck’s rear PTO that:
    - Rotates the belt to move the salt to the spreader unit.
    - Rotates the spreader disc.

Non-technic functions are:
* To be able to unload the Salt Spreader of the Truck:
    - Manual pivoting of the Spreader unit,
    - Manual pivoting of the front support ‘legs’.
* Front door to access the belt for maintenance or jams.
* Rear door to close the outgoing belt drive direction.

The dimensions of Salt-spreader:
* Length: 43 cm
* Width: 15 cm
* Height: 18,5 cm
* Weight: 1,3 kg

* Total number of parts: 1.199


How to load the Salt-spreader:
The picture speaks for itself; the cable-system function of the Truck is used in the same way as loading containers.

Photo-shoot (The Netherlands):
* Frozen ditch, Loenen aan de Vecht


Technical inside (cut-away render):
Big thank you to Blakbird for reinstalling the computer programs for creating these magnificent renders!



What can I say, it is fun to push snow around, and spread tiles across the road... however, it takes some time to pick them up again. ;-)