Container Truck with Cable System (2018)


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Full remote controlled by LEGOŽ Power Functions or Sbrick modules. This Container-Truck uses a cable-system for loading/unloading containers, instead of using a hook-lift or chain mechanism. I selected the cable-system as it's relatively easy to recreate in LEGOŽ and that it can handle a lot of weight when the container is completely loaded. Chains are unreliable in LEGOŽ to handling load, and a hook-lift uses more space within the rear-side of the truck chassis. Another reason for me to use a cable-system was to solve the mystery (for me) how containers are loaded on a trailer with a cable-system. Just figuring out how to do so was a fun part of designing the cable-system in a LEGOŽ model.

The design of the truck was an easy going forward process. The challenging part was packing all motors in the mid-section of the truck chassis, and the design of the cable-system 'drop-off' mechanism. In the first versions the container stalled on the platform when it was nearly unloaded. Not difficult to solve, but required the selection of the right sized supporting wheels and platform angle.

A requirement I really had was to have this truck being able to use for cleaning roads in winter weather conditions (snow, ice). Means a snow-plow and salt-spreader needed to be attached to the truck, driven by a front and rear Power-Take-Off (PTO) shaft.

See my other web-pages for this snow-plow and salt-spreader unit, as well for an additional trailer to carry a 2nd container.













The technic specifications of the 'Container Truck' are:
* Full remote controlled (LEGOŽ PF or Sbrick modules)
* Steering on 1st and 2nd wheel unit (PF Servo motor)
* Double differential unit on rear axle, powered by PF XL-motor
* Working V8 engine with 3 fans
* Container platform tilting driven by PF L-motor
* Cable-winches driven by PF L-motor
* Front PTO controlled by PF M-motor
* Rear PTO connected to the drive-train (PF XL-motor)
* Automated cabin tilting by PF M-motor

Non-technic functions are:
* Cabin door open & close
* Seats can be folded; to unfold a sleeping bed in the cabin
* Raise-able wind deflector
* Cabin grille open & close for mini fans access




Details applied:
* Cabin interior with seats and dashboard, and coffee machine
* Fuel tank, removable water jerry-can
* 4 Spotlights, flashlights, horns and airco-unit on cabin roof
* Fire Extinguisher (2x) and exhaust pipes
* Air compressors between rear wheels


The dimensions of the Container Truck:
* Length: 56,5 cm (60cm with loaded container)
* Width: 14,5 cm
* Height: 23 cm
* Weight: 3,5 kg

* Total number of parts: 2.512 (truck) & 592 (container)

Photo-shoot (The Netherlands):
* Amsterdam Rijnkanaal thv Loenersloot
* Indijk Baambrugge - Amsterdam Rijnkanaal













Technical inside (cut-away render):
Big thank you to Blakbird for reinstalling the computer programs for creating these magnificent renders!



Bottom view:
Clearly visible the rear twin-wheels with differentials and the drive-train to the front of the truck.


With 6 remote controlled functions, the Container Truck offers many hours of play. Loading and unloading the container is not a real challenge and easy be managed and are fun to do. With a front and rear PTO the functions of the Truck can be enriched with a Snow Plow and Salt-spreader.

And, the model is able to be used with LEGOŽ Power functions or Sbrick modules; both being clearly described in the Building Instructions.