Distribution Trailer (2022)


Building instructions (PDF)
(390 pages)
Example instructions (PDF)
(includes PU Code Programming)
Parts Inventory:
(1.792 parts)

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Remote Controlled: Powered Up only !

A logical next step - when I finished the Distribution Truck design - was designing this trailer. This model is also full remote controlled, but only by LEGOŽ Powered-Up Functions.

The tail lift is just a 1:1 copy of the Distribution Truck functions, nothing new here. The rear lights are a copy too, however I added the possibility to modify the Truck's Powered-Up control block steps to synchronize the Truck and Trailer lights (on/off and flashing).

The only new function is the remote controlled parking-stand (up and down).

The hook up function of the trailer can be build in 2 ways. One for easy hook-up on the Truck, but less nice looking. Or, one with a realistic look - a straightforward bar - but difficult to hook up on the truck.





















The technic specifications of the Distribution Trailer are:
* Full remote controlled (LEGOŽ PU only)
* Tail lift operated by 2 L-motors
* Rear LED lights
* Parking-stand operated by a M-motor

Non-technic functions are:
* Lockers at both sides with a chain crate

Details applied:
* Removable roof-sections for easy access cargo

The dimensions of the Distribution Truck:
* Length: 49 cm
* Width: 14,5 cm
* Height: 21,5cm
* Weight: 3,5 kg

* Total number of parts: 1.762 (PU)

Photo-shoot (The Netherlands):
* Nieuwersluis













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Powered-Up code-block programming
The building instructions do come with clearly explained 'code-block' programming, so it should not be too difficult to configure your own Smartphone with the installed LEGOŽ Powered-up App.

And, the complete code-black programming is included in the FREE down-load PDF 'Example Instructions'. Just take a look upfront, to learn more about LEGOŽ Powered-up programming.