Distribution Truck (2021)


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Remote Controlled: Power Functions, Powered Up

Full remote controlled Distribution Truck, either by LEGOŽ Powered-Up Functions or LEGOŽ Power Functions / Sbrick modules. To do so, 2 different chassis types were designed and included in the Building Instructions.

Although these trucks are very common and widely used for all kind of transports, I noticed hardly a LEGOŽ Technic model of these trucks with a full automatic tail lift. This was actually the most challenging part of this model; how to combine the tilt and lift function of the tail lift with available LEGOŽ parts. In the real world these functions are build with hydraulic systems; however, I decided to use Linear Actuators instead of the Pneumatic System to be able to automate the remote control in a more easy way by avoiding pneumatic tubes, switches and pumps that do need to be driven by a motor anyway.
As well, it took some time to decouple the lift and tilt function in such a way 'to avoid tilting' of the platform during lift operations. In the end, the tail-lift can fold 'flat' on the ground providing an easy access for the manual pallet-truck, is able to lift the platform with 2 pallets with a smooth access to the cargo loading floor... and last but not least, is able to tilt 90 degrees for closing.

Another nice function is the rear-wheel steering ability, connected with the front-steering. This makes the turning radius of this truck really short. Both rear-wheels are powered by a XL motor for driving; and of course, I know in real-life these trucks hardly have a powered 2nd rear-wheel with a steering ability. But, I just had fun to design this ;-)
The truck is equipped with a fake V8-engine, being accessible by tilting the cabin. Behind the front-grille, multiple cooling fans are present that do spin when the truck drives.

For those familiar with my models. The truck cabin is more/less straight forward designed as always; only changes are a new front-grille, more realistic inner cabin floor, new sleeping bed with night-lights and a new roof-skirt at both sides. Of course the folding sleeping bed and coffee machine is still there.

Both versions (PU and PF) do have front and rear LED lights. But, the fun part with the Powered-Up version is the hazard lights function to warn other traffic during the (un)loading cargo process.

As I designed the model both in a LEGOŽ Powered-Up and Power Functions system, I am able to compare them. Regarding the motors (XL, L and M) I noticed no difference in force, only slightly faster driving in the PU-version. Using the servo function in the PU-version is a little 'shaky' when steering from the Smartphone is being performed. But, I learned to use the 'big' single sliders in the PU-Application, as these ones can be controlled more precisely. But, the big break-through for the PU-version is of course the Bluetooth operation; especially outdoor. And programming is really fun (hazard lights), but can be a steep learning curve for those not familiar with code-block building.

This model gives you the ability to start with a PF-version and switch to the PU-version to learn and explore. I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe this model can provide a 'community push' in adopting the Powered-Up system.





















The technic specifications of the Distribution Truck are:
* Full remote controlled (LEGOŽ PU or PF, or Sbrick modules)
* Steering (PU L motor or PF Servo motor)
* Differential unit on both rear axles, powered by a XL-motor
* Working V8 engine with 3 fans
* Tail lift operated by 2 L-motors
* Automated cabin tilting by M-motor
* Front and rear LED lights

Non-technic functions are:
* Cabin door open & close
* Seats can be folded; to unfold a sleeping bed in the cabin
* Raise-able wind deflector
* Cabin grille open & close for mini fans access
* Lockers (3x small, 1x large) with wood crate, airco, oil-can




Details applied:
* Cabin interior with seats and dashboard, and coffee machine
* Fuel tank
* 4 Spotlights, flashlights, horns and airco-unit on cabin roof
* Fire Extinguisher and exhaust pipes
* Air compressors between the rear wheels
* Removable roof-sections for easy access cargo and battery unit


The dimensions of the Distribution Truck:
* Length: 63,5 cm
* Width: 14,5 cm
* Height: 22,5cm
* Weight: 3,9 kg

* Total number of parts: 3.611 (PU), 3.681 (PF)

Photo-shoot (The Netherlands):
* Loenersloot










































Technical inside (cut-away render):
Renders are made within Stud.io.





Powered-Up code-block programming
The building instructions do come with clearly explained 'code-block' programming, so it should not be too difficult to configure your own Smartphone with the installed LEGOŽ Powered-up App.

And, the complete code-black programming is included in the FREE down-load PDF 'Example Instructions'. Just take a look upfront, to learn more about LEGOŽ Powered-up programming.




















Remark: 3rd Party Extension cable for Powered-Up
Last final note: the PU-version uses and 3rd party extension cable, to extend the rear LED wires to the Control+ Hub. Until today, LEGOŽ lacks extension cables in their assortment. Hopefully extension cables will be released to the market shortly as these are extremely 'wanted' in long-scale models.

Luckely, the Dutch company 'PV-productions' are selling them and they work perfectly and are of high quality.



Design process
Following pictures shows a couple of design snap-shots and prototyping. The process started all with the tail-lift function, the rear steering was added afterwards. The routing of all electronic wires was the next hurdle, as well as 'how to secure the Control+ hub boxes as they are bulky in size. All other stuff was more or less straight forward design and required some additional Bricklink orders for the right part colour or quantity.