London Bus 10258 - Remote Control modifications (2020)


Building instructions (PDF):
(103 pages)

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Parts Inventory:
(130 parts)


'How does it work' video:

The London Bus set 10258 is a really nice looking model designed by LEGO®, with one little disadvantage: No front wheel steering.

Recently I bought this set with in mind to turn the model in a Remote Controlled version, both serving the 'old world' (Power-Functions) and the 'new world' (Powered-Up). The result is a London Bus that drives smoothly due to the rear-wheel differential and still has the look-and-feel of the original model. Even the fake-motor remains under the hood.
Of course a couple of passenger seats had to be removed for having the battery-box in-place. Have fun and enjoy the instructions! For Powered-Up using, the programming code-block steps are within the instructions (or see below).

Important: you need to have the parts of the original model of course!














Remote control options:
* Your choice to use:
- Power functions: Servo-motor, L-motor, RF-receiver, Battery Box*
- Sbrick: PF Servo-motor, PF L-motor, Sbrick module, Battery Box*
- BuWizz: PF Servo-motor, PF L-motor, Buwizz module
- PoweredUp: Medium Linear motor, Technic L-motor, Hub (A & B ports)

Best options to use:
1) Sbrick or BuWizz Proven technology, just works as expected.
2) PoweredUp Bluetooth works fine, but requires programming as
    LEGO does not provide ‘out-of-the-box’ steering/driving PoweredUp
    controls yet.
3) Power Functions: the RF-receiver requires a ‘line-of-sight’; although
    it works a little, my advice is to modify the roof of the model to
    embed the RF-receiver just underneath it.

Extra parts needed: 130



Programming overview 'Powered-Up' App:
Simple code-block diagram for Steering & Driving.
When starting the program, steering will be possible after confirmation
of the front-wheels position (manually turned into straight forward
position) by tapping on the 'steering' wheel in 'game-pad- mode.










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