Original modifications


On this web-page you will find small modifications I made to original Technic LEGO® models to improve functionality or visibility.


Twin wheel modification for 9397 Logging Truck:
Modification to apply 'Twin Wheels' and a double differential unit on the rear axles (2nd and 3rd axle); whereof the wheel width stays the same as the original set.

The twin wheel modification is an acrobat document.



Modification Package for 8258 Crane Truck:
With the release of this Crane Truck, the LEGO Company shows - today - one of the most appealing Technic LEGO sets. Especially the exterior of the truck and the very realistic operating crane arm. However, to my opinion the set needs some small and easy to apply improvements which I like to share. Applying these changes will definitely increase the playability of this fantastic model.

The modification pack is an acrobat document and consists of 8 modifications.


The modifications are categorized into 3 area's:
CRITICAL: many customers noticed that the original set sometimes 'crunches'  the 12th tooth bevel gear nearby the XL motor drive-shaft. This can be solved by applying ALL these critical modifications.
IMPROVED PLAYABILITY: modifications who will contribute to a more effective usage of the technic functions.
APPEARANCE: only 'cosmetic'  modifications.


Twin wheel modification for 8258 Crane Truck:
To give the Crane Truck a really good appearance I applied so-called 'Twin Wheels'  on the rear axles (3rd and 4th axle). Of course, without loosing the extension functionality of the rear outriggers.

The twin wheel modification is an acrobat document.



Sports car for 6753 Highway Transport:
The original Highway Transport set does only includes 2 cars for transport, while there is place left for a 3rd car on the trailer. Therefore, I developed this sports-car.

The instructions are provided in this acrobat document.



Alternative steering unit (example 8415 Dump Truck):
The LEGO® Company uses more frequent the parts 32068 (Technic axle joiner perpendicular 3 long) 32069 (steering arm with connectors) to build steering units. See for instance the dump truck 8415 steering unit. If you don't have these parts, it can be difficult to build such a model.

To overcome this problem, I designed an alternative steering unit for these parts. The picture speaks for itself.
Notice that the wheel axes are a half 'hole' out of sync compared to the original steering unit, so you have to place the alternative steering unit 'a half hole' more to the front of the model.


Improved steering unit for 8466 4 x 4 Off Roader:
The original steering unit of this model is constructed in such way that both wheels (due to their size and friction) will not stay 'parallel'  when this model is pushed forward. Even childs complain about this problem. Therefore, I improved the steering unit by adding a 'front stabilizer'.


Change grille for 8145 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1:10:
When rebuilding this model without adding stickers, it appeared that the grille lost it's 'aggressive look'. That's why I made this modification.