Oscar's Truck (2019)


Building instructions (PDF)
(72 pages)
Example instructions (PDF)
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Building Instructions



You might think, that's a total different model as expected. Yes, that's correct! My son really wanted to have his own truck published on the Internet, including a PDF with instructions. Well, there it is! And, the instructions are for free! ;-)

Features of the truck are: Remote Controlled steering (PF Servo) and driving (PF L-motor), including a working 3V engine. The battery-box is missing on the pictures, but can be connected behind the cabin on the 2 blue 3L-pins.

And, the cat and hedgehog are joining the ride!

For the ones that dare to build this model - even in total different colors and different animals- I really appreciate if you can send a picture to my email address found on my front-page. Of course, as you could imagine, my son is curious if someone will rebuild the model.


The dimensions of the Container Truck: * Length: 27,5 cm    * Width: 14 cm    * Height: 16,5 cm    * Weight: 0,7 kg

Photo-shoot: Lekdijk 'Klaphek', highway exit A2 Nieuwegein-Zuid