Prinoth Leitwolf 'R3' Snow Groomer (2024)   BuWizz 3.0 or 2.0 powered


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Q4 2024

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Q4 2024


Q4 2024




Remote Controlled: BuWizz 3.0


Currently I am creating BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS. Available Q4-2024.
See render pictures at the end of this page to follow the process.

This snow groomer, based on the original Prinoth Leitwolf, is a release 3 redesign and succeeds the Prinoth Leitwolf NT model designed in 2007. Since then, the LEGO® Company launched a variety of new parts to justify an upgrade.

The model is powered by a BuWizz 3.0 unit, controlling a mix of LEGO® powered-up and power functions. A summary of the applied release 3 changes: The front blade is now able to tilt forwards or backwards - which was not the case in the previous version - and is still able to raise or lower; both functions can be remotely controlled. Blade rotation is manually, as well as opening or closing of both blade wings. The rear tiller remained almost the same. From an operational reality perspective, the model is now equipped with multiple mini-Linear Actuators (6x in the front blade, 1x in the rear tiller). The drum winch faced an increase drum size and a recolor to black. Added are LED headlights and rear light. Finally, the looks are significantly changed to have a new fresh appearance.

Functions still remaining are the track tension system, the pneumatic level adjustment and working V6 engine inside. The drum winch can easily applied afterwards and can tilt to provide engine access.

 The photo/video shoot was taken at Zell am See (slope 5 and 7), Austria.













* Remote controlled by BuWizz 3.0
* Track movement, 2x XL motors (PU)
* Front blade, 2x M motors (PU and PF)
* Rear tiller, 1x M motor (PU)
* Working V6 engine
* Pneumatic height adjustment
* Track tension mechanism
* Front blade rotation to the left & right
* LED head & rear lights

Other non-technic functions are:
* Cabin doors opening
* Easy access to battery box
* Engine roof opening
* Front blade wings adjustment
* Rear tiller front & side wings adjustment
  and rotating cutter rollers
* Drum winch can rotate 360 degrees,
  tilting to access engine room



* Length: 55 cm
* Width: 23 cm
* Height lowered undercarriage: 21 cm
* Height raised undercarriage: 22 cm
* Weight: ~2,4 kg (including BuWizz 3.0)

* Number of parts:
     * loading platform only: Tbd
     * with drum winch: Tbd

* Upgrade development time: ~125 hours
* MLcad time: to many hours ;-)



Front blade movements
Tilt and lift remote controlled, rotation and wing adjustments manually.


Undercarriage height adjustment
The undercarriage lift mechanism is based on 2 pneumatic cylinders and - of course - a pump/switch combination.











Drum winch

Snow groomers do have occasionally a drum winch, used to anchor the snow groomer on - for instance - a concrete block when crawling very steep slopes (the 'black' ones). The Prinoth Leitwolf equipped with a drum winch is able to anchor itself over 850 meter distance! The drum winch can be added afterwards to the model, because the mounting points are already available.


Size compared to official LEGO® Technic Snow Groomer #42148


BuWizz control lay-out


Prinoth Leitwolf R3 renders





Earlier versions of the Prinoth Leitwolf model - In order below
- 2018 release 3 mockup, Power Functions - Zell am See Austria
- 2007 version 2, new released Power Functions and Tracks - Les Arcs France
- 2006 version 1, old track and 9 Volt motor system - Les Arcs France