Slurry Injection Tanker (2008)


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Manual Controlled

My first impression of the Tractor (#8284) was: "realistic looks and clever functions", but should I buy this one ? But after one year I decided to buy the set, with in mind to build a trailer for the Tractor.

Well, here it is: a slurry injection tanker, which can be attached to the original Technic Tractor set 8284. No Tractor modifications are needed, you just have to mount a tow-bar.

The fun part of this tanker is that the injector beams can be automatically raised and lowered when the tractor is pushed forward. This done by using the tractor's 'external spline shaft' which drives the injector beams up or down, depending on the switch selection on the tanker.


The technic specifications of the 'Slurry Injection Tanker' model are:

* Pneumatic raise / lower of the injection platform,
* Automatic raise / lower the injector beams,
* Ability to raise / lower the injector beams manually.

  (with steering wheel on the tanker) 

Other non-technic functions are:
* Slurry 'intake'  tube can be moved sideward,
* Individual pendular suspension on each side,
* Parking wheel.


The dimensions are:
* Length: 40 cm
* Width: 17 cm
* Width with lowered injector beams: 34 cm
* Height: 21 cm
* Weight: 1,3 kg

* Number of parts: 1.069

* Development time: ~50 hours
* MLcad time: ~25 hours