Tipping trailer (2009)


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Manual Controlled

After finalizing the Slurry Injection Tanker I thought it should be easy to reuse the chassis for the development of a tipping trailer, which was easy to do. The only challenge was the tipping construction itself, because the technic linear actuator can only extract 5 studs. This was achieved by building a 'helper trailer bed' which has two functions:
make sure that the trailer bed can extract much more then 5 studs,
b) gain more momentum on the trailer bed itself in the first phase of the tipping process. Important is the axle 7 which connects the linear actuator to the 'helper trailer bed'; the axle ends do push in the first phase to the bottom bricks of the trailer bed (see red arrow on last picture of this page).

As such, this trailer is be able to tip a reasonable load. The tipping trailer can be connected to the original LEGO® Technic Tractor set 8284. No Tractor modifications are needed, just the mounting of a tow-bar.













The technic specifications of the 'Tipping Trailer' model are:
* Tipping of the trailer bed with steering wheel on the trailer
* Individual pendular suspension on each side
* Parking wheel


The dimensions are:
* Length: 34 cm
* Width: 16 cm
* Height: 15 cm
* Weight: 0,9 kg

* Number of parts: 649

* Development time: <25 hours, MLcad time: <15 hours




Children modification:
Little children want to tip the ‘tipping bed’ with their hands. They just can not (or don’t want to) operate the tipping bed by turning the steering wheel which operates the ‘linear actuator’.
Tipping 'by hand'  is possible when you disconnect the linear actuator from the tipping bed as shown on the picture.

And, the linear actuator can still ‘lay flat’ under the tipping bed; you don’t have to remove it.